Sorry guys, been nuts…vacations at work resulting in 65 hours a week.  Took on a second “assignment” helping a friend with their website/blog, and trying to get to the gym!

Only been able to get to the gym about 3 days a week right now and no additional weight loss…sniff.  Feels good getting more physical however!

Well…I survived working out…wahoo

Can’t complain…a little stiff but…3 pounds down this week between eating well and exercising!  Nice start

I did it!  I joined Planet Fitness yesterday…Lord help us all….gulp

Going to do my first workout tonight…I will let you know if I survive!

So, I ran into a friend of mine who started to get serious about losing weight just before I did a year ago and I almost didn’t recognize her!  She is down over a 100 pounds.  She said she did it with the help of a personal trainer at the gym!

Guess I am going to start looking for a gym to join!!!

Not a bad first day back trying to be good!

I was looking at my Woman’s World magazine…what what incredible diets…hmm…Imight have to try on of them although not sure I could stomach the rice diet..

I think I’m back!

Banana for breakfast, yogurt snack, tuna salad for lunch!

Sorry guys…rough week last week.  My father-in-law passed away after a two-year battle with colon cancer…very sad.  My husband was a wreck – his mother passed away 18 years ago.

I am back, however, and with new vigor!  Stay tuned!